Warranties & Vehicle Repair

Enjoy Worry-Free Driving (For More Than 3 Years)
At Pickering Honda, all of our new vehicles and certified pre-owned vehicles come with a basic vehicle warranty. The warranties can vary from new, to used vehicles, but generally cover a specific amount of KM, or time to ensure the life of your vehicle.

The standard manufacturer warranty of a new Honda vehicle generally covers the first three years of your vehicle’s life or up to 60,000 KM – whichever comes first. This includes items like vehicle accessories and audio components.

The Honda basic warranty doesn’t cover your vehicle when you’re going to need it the most.

There is some age and milestones when it comes to your vehicle life that is good to be aware of.

Vehicle Repair

We have information from a huge dataset that allows us to gather this vehicle frequency of repair information. From your first road trip, to your second or third, your vehicle will have a very small repair cost.

Generally, a vehicle under 50,000 KM will have a minimal cost within the first three years of its life. With age and the increase of kilometers on your vehicle, the repair will inevitably increase. When your vehicle reaches the 50,000 KM mark, the cost of ownership and repair will start to go up. Depending on how well you’ve maintained your vehicle, the cost could grow at a significant pace.

Eventually, something is going to break and you will have to repair it.

Our comprehensive range of products was developed to cover any issues that your vehicle may experience down the road. To learn more about how to save money when purchasing your new vehicle or used vehicle in Pickering, give us a call!