What Look For In A Pre-Owned Vehicle

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If you want to get the most value out of each dollar you spend on a car, a Honda is an affordable yet dependable option for you, especially its Honda Civic model. Since it broke into the automobile market, it has been always regarded as the ideal brand for both first-time buyers and budget-conscious vehicle owners. It continues to be so, whether you buy a brand new or a secondhand model

Whether you need a 4-door sedan or a roomy 5-door hatchback for commuting, plenty of pre-owned Honda Civics are available. Here are five things to watch out for when buying a used Honda Civic so that you don’t get stuck with unexpected repair costs:

1. Notable Signs of Damage

A vehicle with a dented door, a busted headlight, or a scratched bumper are telltale signs the car has had an accident. You might have to replace part of the body, headlight, and grill. With a pre-owned Honda Civic, you can spend nearly $300 for the replacement parts and another around the same price for labour.

Do not be tempted to ignore minor damages just because you want to buy at a discounted price. Although the lower price may be worth it than its original value, getting it repaired might cost you more money and a great deal of inconvenience.

2. Damaged Transmission

In an engine, the transmission is the main means of delivering power to the wheels. Even though your Honda Civic has an automatic transmission, you still need to check for drivetrain issues. If you notice indicators of a transmission issue, turn away from the sale.

Some main indicators include transmission fluid seeping from the rear axle, along with a misaligned drivetrain. If you notice these problems and still want to go through the sale, you should seriously consider replacing the transmission. Depending on the severity of the issue, a transmission replacement can cost anywhere from $4,500 to $6,500.

3. Engine Noise

Although you may be tempted to trust the seller’s word regarding the engine’s condition, we suggest you don’t. Manufacturers of Honda Civics use many engine parts that can be easily damaged by undue stress, so it’s best to move on to another deal if you hear the abnormal engine noise.

You should first have the sound assessed by a professional. A dealer or a mechanic can tell you what you’re dealing with and how much it will cost you to repair the issue. If the repair cost is too much for your budget, go ahead and walk away from the deal.

4. The Battery

Although a battery is a primary system of an automobile, it needs to perform correctly for the vehicle to run well. If finding a used Honda Civic has you stumped about the battery, you might want to consider having a professional inspect it.

The simplest way to find out if the battery is working is to check if it lights up the dashboard and is capable of starting the vehicle. You can also learn more about the battery if you test its voltage.

5. A Dirty or Clogged Air Filter

The air filter protects the vehicle’s internal components from dust and other contaminants that can damage them, but it can get clogged or soiled over time. If your used Honda Civic’s air filter is dusty, it’s time to replace it.

The average cost of an air filter is around $40, so you should be able to save more by purchasing a new air filter instead of buying a pre-owned Honda Civic that has a clogged air filter.


If you’re searching for a pre-owned Honda Civic, you should familiarize yourself with these signs. Remember that they are the most common signs of wear and tear, so keep your eyes out for them to get the best value for your money. Do not be enticed by deals that sound too good to be true because they may hide a more expensive problem on the vehicle. Moreover, ensure that you have a trusted mechanic examine the car before you seal the deal.

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