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There are some general steps as well as some specific measures that you can take to prepare your Honda for winter this year. The latter is confined to the specific model of Honda you own and where you would be driving your car in the winter. Our Canadian roads generally require a change of tires, extra heating and sometimes additional power. You must change your tires to be safe, to drive optimally and to ensure you don’t damage your car. The general steps will apply for any Honda vehicle as long as you don’t embark on adventurous roads.

Preparing your Honda for winter is not a daunting challenge. There are some standard checks and some optional upgrades.

The first thing you should do is get your Honda serviced before winter. Ideally, you should do it at the onset of winter. Don’t wait for it to get too cold. A regular service will always help reduce the chances of having serious problems. You will also have a better driving experience. The regular servicing should take care of the various components in the car, the lubricants, coolants and battery. You should know that the cooling system has antifreeze to protect your car from extreme temperatures. Also, the coolant will prevent the cooling system from rusting. You must have these checked out and ensured they are in perfect working condition. Older Honda models may call for a replacement of the coolant and antifreeze.

Servicing will take care of the routine maintenance needs, such as checking the belts, charging systems, battery and tires. You may be recommended to change tires. You can study the pros and cons to choose wisely. Preparing your Honda vehicle for winter doesn’t always warrant a tire change but you should keep a close tab on the pressure of the tires. Should you observe random and rapid pressure drops then you should change the tires. Drops in tire pressure are common in winter but they should not be so rampant or erratic that you face issues every other day. Not only would your tires be vulnerable to damage and you would have problems while driving, your vehicle will be unstable and unsafe with rapid drops in pressure or very low air pressure in tires.

Preparing your Honda vehicle for winter is not expensive and it is certainly not a complicated process. Simple checks and minor adjustments will be more than sufficient for you to have a safe drive all winter long. You can practice being a more proactive car owner by booking your winter service appointment with Pickering Honda today!

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