March 6th, 2018 by

It’s Roll Up The Rim season here at Pickering Honda! As many of you coffee drinkers already know, Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim contest awards their valued Canadian customers millions of great prizes! You can win free donuts, coffee, flat-screen televisions and pre-paid Visa and Tim’s cards. But there is one prize better than the rest of them – a 2017 Honda Civic. There are a few lucky rim-rollers across Canada that will win a 2017 Honda Civic Coupe this year!

We are happy to announce that Pickering Honda was proud to award one of the 40 possible Civic prizes this morning. Cynde Hilder of the Durham Region gracefully accepted 2017 Honda Civic Coupe at our local Tim Hortons restaurant. The beautiful 2017 Honda Civic Coupe was awarded at one of our most loved coffee joints, the Tim Hortons at 1286 Kingston Rd, Pickering.

Congratulations Cynde! Enjoy your new ride. As for all you other coffee-lovers, keep drinking! There are still many great prizes and Civics to be won! If you can’t wait, stop by our dealership, or call us at+1 (905) 831-5400 and one of our sales staff will help you find your next vehicle.

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