Extending the Life of Your Tires

July 5th, 2022 by

We carry many different makes of tires, so we have something that fits your vehicle, but how do you know when it’s time to look into new tires? You hear a lot of talk about acceleration and braking as well as horsepower and torque. You may select a Honda car to meet your needs in any configuration, including all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive. 

All Hondas have in common that only your Honda auto parts and tires make contact with the ground. That’s accurate. Your car’s tires are the only components that make contact with the pavement. 

Your Honda tires keep you stable and firmly attached to the road, regardless of how potent the engine is or how fantastic the brakes are.

It is normal for tires to degrade with time. They are evaluated that way, so you may expect it to happen. The average tire lifespan is between 30,000 and 60,000 miles, give or take. Additionally, tires might be pricey to change when the time comes. You want the tires on your Honda cars to endure as long as possible. Here’s how to go about it.

Keep Your Honda Tires Filled Properly

Keep the tire pressure at the prescribed level at all times. The most fundamental aspect of caring for your tires is this. Keep an eye on the air pressure’s minimum (normal load) and highest (maximum load).

Once a week in cold weather, or at least three (3) hours after the car has been driven, check the tire pressure. Not to mention the spare tire, which can come in handy when needed. Invest in a portable tire inflator and a high-quality tire pressure gauge.

Frequently Rotate Your Tires

Your tires should be rotated every 5-8 000 miles to ensure even treadwear. To ensure that each tire wears equally, it is necessary to switch the front and back wheels. Your automobile will have more consistent traction in any conditions, and your tires will last longer.

Schedule A Yearly Wheel Alignment

Simple events like striking a curb, rolling over a pothole, or a loose steering or suspension part can cause your wheels to become out of alignment. Your tires “scrub” due to improper wheel alignment, thereby wearing down the tread. 

Your automobile requires an adjustment if your steering wheel is out of alignment or your Honda pulls to the left or right. To prevent your tires from wearing out too quickly, align your wheels at least once a year.

Condition Your Tires

Make sure you use an excellent tire conditioner when cleaning your car. The conditioner restores moisture to the rubber and protects it from UV rays and weather-related cracking and deterioration. Additionally, it gives your tires a sleek, black appearance.

Visit a Honda dealership in Ontario if your Honda tires need to be replaced or you need your wheels aligned. There are technicians with factory training who are specialists in everything Honda, including tires.

Visually Inspect the Tires

Even with the finest care, tires will ultimately lose their traction. You could perform a visual inspection and take into account:

  • Tread Wear Bar – A flat piece of rubber that runs perpendicularly to highlight wear and is visible when your tires have reached maximum wear. Uneven wear patterns may be a sign of other tire and suspension issues.
  • Holes and Punctures – Repairing a hole in a tire depends on how severe it is; never patch a hole in a tire’s tread that is more than 14 inches wide. Additionally, sidewall damage cannot be repaired.


You should be able to increase your tires’ lifespan according to these car maintenance guidelines. Make an appointment with our staff immediately if a Honda Certified Service Technician needs to examine your tires or you think you may need a new set.

Your tires won’t wear out unevenly if you rotate them frequently. Asking for a tire rotation whenever your oil changes is a straightforward general rule of thumb. You and your family’s tires will last longer and operate safely if you follow a tire rotation routine. To arrange a service, get in touch with a Honda dealership in your area immediately!

For high-quality maintenance that will keep your car in top shape, stop by our Honda dealership in Ontario. Schedule your Honda’s maintenance with Pickering Honda to increase the life of your vehicle!

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