Car enthusiasts have been waiting with bated breath for the sporty version of the perennially popular Civic. Of the many models Honda has rolled out over the years, Civic and Accord have their own niche fans and the Civic Type R is going to simply change the rules of the game. You would only need to take a look at the pictures and a short test drive to know what a glorious beast the 2017 Honda Civic Type R has turned out to be!

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The 2017 Civic Type R features a 2L 16-valve direct injection DOHC VTEC engine, turbocharged with four cylinders capable of generating 306 horsepower at a peak rpm of 6500 and torque of 295 lb-ft at 2500 to 4500 rpm. The 1996cc Civic Type R has a Tier 3 Bin 125 emissions rating. It is powered by Drive-by-Wire Throttle System and premium fuel. It has a 6-speed manual transmission with rev-match control and three drive modes including comfort, sport, and +R. View our inventory.

The 2017 Civic Type R is built for the road. It is one sturdy vehicle with an appeal that is hard to ignore. Yet what matters more is the set of active and passive safety measures. The Civic Type R has antilock braking on all four wheels, brake assist, electronic brake force distribution, hill start assist, daytime running LED lights and traction control for vehicle stability. Among the passive safety features you have seat belts with automatic tensioning, body structure in compliance with advanced compatibility engineering, the rear door locks are childproof and there are multiple-threshold dual-stage airbags in the front, curtain airbags on the side connected with a rollover sensor system, side airbags, an automatic emergency response system and LATCH.

Honda LaneWatch is hardly a surprise and exterior fixtures matching the body colour are only imperative ingredients to make for an aesthetic presence. What strikes out in the 2017 Civic Type R is the set of fins and vents. The protruding wing and other elements act as air manipulators. The wing is actually one of the dominant physical features of the Civic Type R. These vents and fins, wings and the overall design all give the 2017 Civic Type R a very well-paced drive.

The exterior features are not purely cosmetic either. They are fully functional so any tinge of doubt that may exist about the aesthetics should be set aside for performance. The 2017 Honda Civic Type R offers a mileage of 10.6 L/100Km on city roads, 8.3 L/100Km on highways and 9.6 L/100Km on combined roads. If you’re in the Ajax, Pickering or Toronto area, we invite you to book your test drive at Pickering Honda today!

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